21 iunie 2007

Mesaj de la Jeff VanderMeer

My blog and website have been rolled up into one new WordPress site at:

Readers can find detailed information about my books and freelance services, in addition to links to online fiction and nonfiction, a media section featuring audio, photo, and video selections.
In short, this is one-stop info for anyone interested in my work. I will also continue blogging at this site.
I would be really appreciative if you could spread the word on your blog or media site that I've changed over to this attractive and compact new format. I will be adding a lot of new video, audio, and multi-media content in the coming months--in addition to doing much more blog posting on a variety of writing-related topics.
The official name of the new blog is Ecstatic Days. The old blog will remain up as an archive.
Thanks again for your support.

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